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Vingoe Births At Sennen

These entries are taken from a transcript made by an official recorder for the Royal Cornwall Institute by George Pritchard June 2001.


Through the kind permission of the Rector the Rev. J. S. Badcock, this transcript of the Baptisms of the Parish of St Sennen in the County of Cornwall, was made by W Treffry Hoblyn approved transcriber, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Illogan 1930.

Register for the Parish of Sennen 1700, James Trenhayle Curate.

Nicholas Wallish and Henry Jory Churchwardens.

This register is transcribed from the old register for the years 1700 - 1706 by James Trenhayle Curate of Sennen at Michaelmas 1705/6/7


 Rebekah Daughter William Vingoe 9th August 1701
 Margaret Daughter William Vingoe 10th February 1705
 Jane Daughter Israel & Mary Vingoe 19th October 1712
 Mary Daughter Israel & Mary Vingoe 27th December 1714
 Ann Daughter John Vingoe 26th December 1720
 Elizabeth Daughter Israel Vingoe 5th July 1721
 John Son Will & Ann Vingoe 16th June 1722
Elizabeth Daughter Will & Ann Vingoe  20th February 1724
Eleanor Daughter Israel Vingoe 2nd June 1725
    Will & Ann Vingoe 28th April 1727
Joan Daughter William Vingoe 18th May 1730
Henry Son Henry Vingoe 18th May 1730
William Son John & Margaret Vingoe 18th May 1730
William Son William & Mary Vingoe 1st December 1731
Margaret Daughter John & Margaret Vingoe 6th January 1731
Henry Son Henry Vingoe 3rd June 1732
  Son William & Mary Vingoe 3rd December 1733
Isreal Son Isreal & Mary Vingoe 31st December 1733
 James Son Henry Vingoe 2nd December 1734
 Richard Son William Vingoe 19th February 1736
 Elizabeth Daughter Henry Vingoe 18th March 1736
 Hugh Son Henry Vingoe 16th March 1738
 James Son Henry Vingoe 28th June 1742
 William Son John & Sarah (nee Dennis) Vingoe 30th November 1743
 Martha Daughter Henry Vingoe 1st January 1745
 Elizabeth Daughter John & Sarah Vingoe 10th August 1746
 John Son John & Sarah Vingoe 24th September 1748
 Richard Son Henry Vingoe 21st July 1750
 John Son John & Sarah Vingoe 12 May 1751
 Margaret Daughter John & Sarah Vingoe 19th July 1753
 Elizabeth Daughter John & Sarah Vingoe 21st January 1754
 Mary Daughter William & Jane Vingoe 21st March 1754
 Margaret Daughter William & Jane Vingoe 25th January 1756
 Alexander Son Henry Vingoe Jnr. 14th July 1758
 Henry Son Henry & Barbara (nee Mills) Vingoe 28th November 1758
Grace Vingoe Daughter  ?  27th March 1758
Sarah Daughter John & Sarah Vingoe 1758
Barbara Daughter Henry & Barbara Vingoe 20th January 1760
Mary Daughter John & Margaret Vingoe 20th July 1760
George Son John & Sarah Vingoe 26th November 1763
Hugh  Son Henry Vingoe 6th January 1764
Mary  Daughter Richard Vingoe 8th August 1764
James  Son  James &Amey (Nee Courtney) Vingoe 25th March 1765
Martha Daughter Henry & Barbara Vingoe 3rd February 1766
William Son Richard Vingoe 4th April 1767
Stephen Son James & Amey Vingoe 1st June 1767
Alice  Daughter Henry Vingoe 11th December 1768
Margaret Daughter Richard & Mary Vingoe 3rd December 1769
Hugh Son Henry & Margaret Vingoe 20th April1770
Christiana Daughter James & Amey Vingoe 4th December 1771
Dennis Son Henry & Barbara Vingoe 16th January 1772
Richard Son Richard & Mary Vingoe 15th September 1773
William Son James & Amey Vingoe 14th October 1774
Mary Daughter Hugh & Sarah Vingoe 27th November 1774
Frances Son  James & Amey Vingoe 20th January 1777
Sarah Daughter Hugh & Sarah Vingoe 17th June 1777
Hugh Son Hugh & Sarah Vingoe 15th March 1779
Grace Daughter James &Amey Vingoe 31st July 1779
Elizabeth Daughter John & Elizabeth Vingoe 20th November 1780
Grace Daughter Hugh & Sarah Vingoe 25th October 1781
Sarah  Daughter James & Amey Vingoe 23rd June 1782
George Son John & Elizabeth Vingoe 22nd February 1784
Polly Daughter John & Honour George 8th May 1785
Jane Daughter  James & Amey Vingoe 7th June 1785
Margaret Daughter Hugh & Sarah Vingoe 17th September 1785
John Son John & Elizabeth Vingoe 6th December 1786
Israel Vingoe Son John & Sarah (nee Vingoe) George 19th December 1786
Barbara Daughter James & Amey Vingoe 12th August 1787
Israel Son James & Amey Vingoe 21st March 1790
William Son John & Elizabeth Vingoe 30th March 1791
Thomas Son Thomas & Ann (nee Vingoe) Ellis 9th October 1791
Dennis Daughter Henry & Elizabeth Vingoe 13th December 1791
Mary Daughter James & Amey Vingoe 22nd June 1792
Sarah Daughter John & Elizabeth Vingoe 24th May 1793
Israel Son John & Elizabeth Vingoe 24th May 1793
Alexander Son Henry & Elizabeth Vingoe 30th January 1795
Israel Son John & Elizabeth Vingoe 28th November 1795
Polly Daughter Stephen & Jane Vingoe 13th February 1798
Mary Daughter William & Mary Vingoe 26th August 1798
John Son Henry & Elizabeth Vingoe 17th March 1799
Amy Daughter Stephen & Jane Vingoe 15th April 1800
Margaret Daughter William & Mary Vingoe 12th June 1800
Mary Daughter Thomas & Ann Ellis 13th April 1801
James Son Stephen & Jane Vingoe 26th October 1801
Ann Daughter Sarah Vingoe 22nd May 1803
Ann Daughter Stephen & Jane Vingoe 24th August 1804
Mary  Daughter Peter & Sarah George 7th July 1805
Sally Daughter John & Sarah George 20th October 1805
Barbara Daughter Alexander & Ann Vingoe  20th April 1806
Stephen Son Stephen & Jane Vingoe 28th September 1806
Martha Daughter Alexender & Ann Vingoe 19th April 1807
Richard Vingoe Base son of  Christian Murley 17th August 1807
George Son George & Elizabeth Vingoe 8th May 1808
Mary Daughter Alexander & Ann Vingoe 15th January 1809
Joanna Daughter Alexander & Ann Vingoe 9th February 1810
Mary Ann Daughter Alexander & Ann Vingoe 7th July 1811
Peggy Bridgemen Daughter Alexander & Ann Vingoe 14th April 1812
Margaret Daughter Stephen & Jane Vingoe 19th July 1812


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